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At BTB's Taphouse we have 15 taps to dispense the happy juice, we also have a few seltzer, sour and cider recipes that we cycle through for those who don't like beer.
With BTB having over 100 recipes, our tap line up changes frequently! We have a few staples that are either always available or make regular appearances at the brewhouse but mostly we like to keep it interesting.

Tasting paddles are available so you can sample a portion of our line up for $20.00, this will get you 5 samples of your choice and something to nibble on while you do so.

Growler & Squealer fills are also available from the taphouse.

What is available on tap at the taphouse


craft on tap


The pilot series

Our Pilot Series is a series of small batches that Brewmaster, Mitch makes on our little pilot plant.

On tap now is the Milkshake IPA.

An 6.3% American Style IPA with a hefty dose of lactose, an non-fermentable sugar, and fresh berries. A sweet beer with a compimentary bitterness and a hint of heat from it's 6.3%ABV.


frequent offenders


With our wide range of styles, it's no surprises that we have quite a few favourites that make regular appearances in our tap line up.

Our Sandstone Summer Ale holds prime position on tap one all year round.

We have other popular brews too, like the Gibb River Rye, Golden Ale, Hoppy Blonde Ale and our XPA just to name a few.

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